In 2008 I set up Rockstar Resource or what was then called gtaIVlife. I created the site simply as a platform for me to share my passion for the Grand Theft Auto franchise, since this time the site has grown in popularity far more than I expected. In recent years I decided to start covering all Rockstar titles and have been fortunate enough to have been involved with a great community of fansites the highlight of which has to be the trips to New York with Rockstar to preview upcoming titles. 

Since 2008 I have run the site completely single handed creating articles, previews etc. all in my spare time however I'm afraid that I have decided to close the site to focus on work. I want to say a massive thank you to everyone who has visited the site over the past 6 years and a special thanks to the other fansite guys who helped make the New York trips even more enjoyable! I would also like to thank Rockstar Games, they have supported me pretty much from day one and have continued to do so throughout the six years and given me some great memories. 



GTA Online Capture Update

Today will see an update to Rockstar's recently released take on capture the flag. The update will include 20 new jobs across four modes. The four modes can be seen below;

For raid you will be required to infiltrate an enemy base and steal a package before returning it to your own base, the team that hits the required score first or has more packages when the time ends wins.

In Hold teams need to steal and hold as many packages as possible, these packages will either spawn on the map or can be taken from the opposite team base.

This one seems fairly self explanatory, like with the Simeon missions, in GTA teams need to steal selected vehicles and return them to base.

Contend features just one package located in the centre of the map, teams must battle it out to claim it and return it to base, once captured the package respawns and the mayhem begins again.

GTA V Update 1.08

The highlight of todays update is obviously the addition of capture mode however here is a list of all things fixed and altered in GTA V Version 1.08;

• Increased cash payouts for losing teams in Last Team standing and Team Deathmatch.
• Increased the cash and RP rewards for Races with multiple laps.
• Cash payouts for Parachuting now take points scored into account.
• Improved spawning for Deathmatches where the spawn points were previously very far apart.
• Improved support for Chinese, Japanese, Korean, and Russian in the Creator.
• Calling the mechanic now shows you if a vehicle on the list is destroyed or impounded.
• Team balancing does a better job of putting friends and crew members together.
• BETA Crew Head to Head matches are now available to play. To initiate a Crew Head to Head, you'll need to create a Playlist that does not contain Vehicle Deathmatches, Survivals or any Jobs that require more than 2 teams. From there, go into My Playlists and you'll see a prompt for Head to Head (BETA). This will launch the lobby and you'll be able to invite other players from your Crew, Friend's Crews or Skill Matched Crews.
• Player blips no longer remain red on Missions when the player has a Bounty.
• Players who end a Race as DNF are now awarded cash relevant to the amount of checkpoints they passed through during the course of the Race.
• Players who race solo now earn cash. Previously, zero cash was awarded for a solo race. 
• Last Team Standing, Capture and Missions are separated out in the Create Playlist menu.
• Small deduction to the amount of cash the winners of Races, Parachuting and Last Team Standing matches receive in order to increase payouts for all other participants.
• Masks are now removed during Races where a helmet is required and are also removed by default when a player uses the Smoking animation.
• The Purchase All Ammo option now charges the full value of filling all player held weapons with ammo.
• Fixes an issue where GTA Online players could reach North Yankton.
• Fixes a rare issue where characters could be lost if the player attempted to join GTA Online when disconnected from the Network.
• Fixes for various duplicate vehicle exploits.
• Fixes issues when using the Character Select from inside the Creator.
• Fixes issues with ammo vanishing after testing a Deathmatch in the Creator.
• Fixes exploits of the Fastest Lap bonus.
• Glasses from the Beach Bum update now appear in the inventory menu.
• Players in Tanks now have more protection from other players attempting to deliberately give them a Bad Sport rating.
• Bad Sport timers now read properly and show the correct time left in the Bad Sport lobby instead of “00d00h00m”.


New Rockstar Warehouse Stuff

The GTA V collection at the Rockstar warehouse keeps getting bigger and better and today sees the addition of a few new items. The awesome LS sleeping bag or 'body bag', GTA V magnet set, LS Lifeguard T-shirt (Yellow & White) and the iFruit phone case for iPhone 4 or 5.


Criminal Mind: The Reclusive Genius Behind the Grand Theft Auto Franchise

Playboy have recently run a feature on the mastermind behind Grand Theft Auto and just about everything Rockstar does. Sam Houser is one of the industries most reclusive characters yet by far one of the most successful. What makes him tick? What winds him up? the article is an interesting insight into the world of Rockstar's Rockstar.

"What the fuck am I doing here?" he asked Dan. Take-Two was mainly a group of businessmen and accountants. Its lineup of games, including Star Crusader, was middling at best. Houser, who never felt he fit in with the guys he endured when trying to sell BMG's games unit, was stuck outside even though he was inside. It didn't stop him. By the time his brother joined him in New York, Houser was already building Take-Two's publishing infrastructure and game-development teams." 

Check out the full article from Playboy online HERE.