GTA IV = Mistaken identity

British Newspaper The Daily Mirror have today printed a story concerning the murder of a 46 year old mother of three, after her boyfriend grew jealous of her addiction to.... surprise, surprise Grand Theft Auto IV.

Now if you are long time fan of Grand Theft Auto and or Rockstar Games this sort of story will come as no surprise to you, however as I sat this morning enjoying a nice glass of O.J flicking through my daily paper of choice I could not help but feel that yet again GTA had been used unnessecarily. 

Yes I agree it was an important part of the story to mention the Playstation 3 addiction but to mention 'violent video game' Grand theft auto IV I felt was a serious case of mistaken identity I could not help b
ut feel that if the woman had been addicted to BUZZ
 for example I cannot see it being plastered all over the paper with the box art front and centre. 

we at gtaIVlife have always been a firm believer in the old saying, which came first the Guns or the games and firmly believe that stories concerning Rockstar Games are exclusive in there content and people should realise that there are games far worse than those published by Rockstar, but I guess what sells, sells.    

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