Agent coming 2010?

Well I don't know for sure but a quick read over the Q&A yesterday or more specifically the PS3 question makes for some very interesting reading regarding the PS3 Exclusive Agent.

Rockstar announced Agent, the PS3 exclusive at E3 and soon after came the obligatory place holder which states that the title currently being developed by Rockstar North is 'coming soon' well it would appear 'soon' may be sooner than many expected. Here is the extract in the Q&A I am referring too,

We appreciate the enthusiasm of PlayStation 3 owners and believe us, we understand where you're coming from.  That's why we are working hard on a lineup of PlayStation 3 releases for 2010 that we know you will be very excited to play - including Red Dead RedemptionMax Payne 3, and the PlayStation 3 exclusive AGENT, which is a brand-new title from Rockstar North, the creators of the Grand Theft Auto series.  Plus there's more yet to be announced...  Thanks again for your patience and please stay with us!   

Many gaming blogs and sites have pointed out the point that they includes Agent along with the other titles we know to be released in 2010, now this is not concrete proof and could simply be a case of misrepresentation however it is promising news, if it is to be 2010 I would imagine that Agent is likely to be released late October next year, so watch this space.