Massive R* Haul

eBay has been a great place to pick up the odd bargain in the christmas period however recently less of an odd bargain and more of an impressive haul has appeared. 

The staggering haul included pretty much every item of R* memorabilia you could possibly ask for. So this christmas santa comes in the form of eBay member particletracer. The seller is located in Edinburgh, home of course to Rockstar North so I can only assume with this amount O' SWAG they are an employee looking to enhance their christmas kitty. The items included in the loot are as follows:

- A total of 32 T-shirts. Most of them are size L.
3 Hoodies. 2x "Rockstar Games" (one S, one M), 1x GTA "Vice City" (M)
1 Dickies "GTA San Andreas" Jacket (L).
1 GTA IV "LCPD" pullover (L).
2 Rockstar beany hats.
2 Baseball caps. 1x Flexfit, size S-M, 1x NewEra 39Thirty, size L-XL
1 Patagonia vest with ROCKSTAR* written on it.
1 Patagonia travel bag with a R* logo.
- Misc. merchandise items including a 
metal GTA IV number plate, a foam hand, a GTA IV plastic cup, a GTA IV mouse mat, a pack of GTA IV stickers and a R* paper bag.

As for the 
32 T-shirts:
Some of the T-shirts come with a small R* logo on them and the others are from games like...
- GTA San Andreas
- GTA Vice City
- GTA IV, The Lost And Damned
- GTA Liberty City Stories
- GTA Chinatown Wars
- Red Dead Redemption
- Bully
- The Warriors
- Manhunt 2
- Conflict Desert Storm

So how much is all this going to set you back? well R* don't do cheap and this lot is no exception a hefty starting price of £300 however many gaming fans would classify this haul as priceless. All items are pick up only, so head on over to eBay and happy bidding. The lot can be found here.