RDR Gameplay Introduction

As planned today sees the release of the first in a gameplay series for Red Dead Redemption in the form of the Introduction. I know I keep saying but words fail this title. 

The video explores what Rockstar have set out to achieve with their ambitious western title Red Dead Redemption which is due late April 2010. 

Those of you who have followed the series will be well aware of the stunning visuals showcased in screenshots and the first two trailers however this being the first foray into gameplay footage I am pleased to report that it certainly doesn't disappoint. Interestingly the HUD is remarkably similar to that seen in GTA IV and noted are the games attention to detail and large cast of characters.

To accompany the gameplay introduction a handful of previews have also been released on popular gaming sites a round up of which can be found below. One that sticks out is the preview conducted by MTV which features this mouth watering tease:

“The world they've created is the sort of world I'd want to spend 40 to 60 hours hanging around in. It's gorgeous, expansive, and full of armadillos. My kinda place.”