RDR Gameplay Series: Pt. 2

You may remember at the back of 2009 Rockstar released part one of their Red Dead Redemption video series. Well today sees the launch of part two: Weapons & Death. The video is a tasty 3:20 in length and does a fantastic job of introducing the weapons we can expect to be brandishing this April. Whether it be a classic rifle or shot gun to the more developed machine guns it is clear Rockstar have worked hard to realistically create the excitement of an old fashioned wild west shoot out. 

The video also comments on the Red Dead Redemption's use of the RAGE and Euphoria engines creating real world real-time physics. The brand new shooting mechanics are also showcased, entitled dead eye targeting it features three levels of aiming and shooting mechanics ranging in difficulty. The momentum for Red Dead Redemption is clearly gathering as we move ever close to the April 27th Release date, so expect a lot more news and information on RDR in the coming weeks.