Rockstar's Employees Lash Out

In the past few week you are sure to have heard several stories regarding working conditions at several Rockstar studios. 
We decided not to ignore the negativity but share it with you instead in a hope you will make your own judgements.The start of this backlash from former employees of Rockstar Games can be traced back to a blog post by former NYC web producer Jeff Williams back in 2007. The blog post contained candid details of the workings of Rockstar's management structure, of which he criticised the often inconsistent nature of R*'s 'top brass.' and spoke of the pressurised conditions employees were subjected to. His post was no doubt an insightful first glance in to the operations of one of the worlds most secretive and successful developers however was dismissed by many as nothing more than bitter words of a disgruntled employee who failed to make it. 

The recent revelations however came not from the employees themselves but their wives, the R* WAGS' who decided to join forces to issue an open letter to Rockstar voicing their concerns at the 'unfair' working conditions their husbands were experiencing at Rockstar's San Diego studio. They spoke of mandatory 12 hour days with little or no time off without a massive 'guilt trip' The authenticity of the letter was questioned however a Rockstar San Diego employee went on to reveal to joystiq that the majority of the issues outlines by the WAGS' were indeed a reality. Most recently MTVs' multi player blog have published the results of an interview with a former R* NYC employee who compared the operations of the New York office to the 'eye of Sauron' striking fear in the various development studios. 

This recent negativity towards Rockstar Games would have been very easy for us to ignore however as the aim of this site is to bring you ALL the latest news regarding R* it seemed wrong to ignore this news. Whatever conclusion you draw from these criticisms one things that cannot be disputed is the quality of the product of this hard work, so whether the conditions at R* are maybe more intense than your average game studio I just wanted to say on behalf of the fans of the games its produces at massive thank you to all of you for your hard work! and they are not suffering in vain.