10 Things you didn't Know About L.A. Noire

With the varied news about L.A. Noire recently it is difficult for some to grasp what this game is all about. Gamesradar are happy to help, they have posted a detailed '10 things you didn't know about L.A. Noire' to get you up to speed with what we can expect this fall when this ground breaking title hits the shelves. 
Here is a little snippet to wet your appetite...

2) LA is rockstar's biggest environment yet
The city has been rendered almost 100% accurately to its 1940s layout. Using hand-drawn maps from the time and early aerial photography, Team Bondi has recreated the city right down to 3D shop fronts, but simultaneously making this a bigger environment than anything yet seen. And in this pre-freeway era, you'll even drive down streets that don't exist any more, which sounds kinda spooky to us.