Grand Theft Auto V?

It has been bought to our attention that there are some strange happenings regarding a certain site this week. A quick trip to rockstargames.com/v will begin a download of a file which although itself has absolutely (as far as we can see) nothing to do with Grand Theft Auto 1,2,3,4 or indeed 5 it is interesting and indicates that something could be afoot. 
You may remember that according to a certain page 13 March was to be an important month for Rockstar, so is this the build up to an announcement of some sort? who knows, only time will tell. Stay tuned to gtaIVlife for more information as we get it. UPDATE - The site no longer launches a download however now simply states the page is unavailable, could this be a strange mistake? or well planned tease?

So what do you think this could mean? an innocent mistake or a well calculated 'slip' could March be the month we finally get news of Grand Theft Auto V? What would you want to see from the new GTA title? let us know in the comments section below now active again, or follow the link on the right to our official facebook page and share your thoughts with the world!

I have just had a quick browse on the gtaforums and one observant user has noted that the video the file contained could be a reference to this fictional film from San Andreas. It would appear from the page 13 tease and now the hamster confusion that sex shops seem to be a prominent part of R*'s GTA V Teasers. Keep it locked to gtaIVlife as we bring you the latest news, views and information on ALL things Rockstar.