RDR Pre Order Bonuses Round Up

As promised Rockstar have not only announced all pre-order bonuses available to gamers' in the States but also those available to us across the pond as well. Here is a summary of what is available. Check out the official Red Dead Redemption Website for more information on each bonus.

Amazon - Golden Guns Pack + $10 Gift Card
Best Buy - The War Horse
Game Crazy - Exclusive Mini Guide 
Gamestop - Red Dead Referendum
Target - $5 Gift Card
Walmart - $10 Gift Card
Rockstar Warehouse - Red Dead T-Shirt 

Game - Deadly Assassin Outfit
Amazon - Golden Guns Pack
HMV - The War Horse
Zavvi - Exclusive Mini Guide

My choice is likely to be the Golden Gun Pack just for nostalgic Goldeneye 64 based reasons. So whether you are in The U.S.A or here in the UK the choice is yours...