Kotaku's PAX East RDR Preview

We reported yesterday that R* and Red Dead Redemption would be available for a hands on preview to attendees to PAX East in Boston this weekend. Kotaku have been reporting from the event and this afternoon posted a hands on preview from the show. The game certainly seems to be living up to and surpassing all expectations and this preview does nothing but back that theory up. So if like me you are not able to attend PAX East this weekend this preview does a pretty good job at sharing the experience. 
"It also looks amazing, just like Grand Theft Auto. The air does indeed shimmer with heat. Your lasso bounces against your hip as you walk. The ground is covered with brush and scrub. Flies buzz past your head. The level of detail is amazing."
Source: http://kotaku.com/5503477/red-dead-redemption-preview-im-a-no-good-dirty-horse-murderer