Manhunt 3 to use PS Move

Its existence may not have been announced yet but many are already speculating that not only will Manhunt 3 be a Playstation 3 exclusive but will also utilise the motion sensing control system Playstation Move. Move is due for release in the Back end of 2010 however a release date or indeed the existence of Manhunt 3 are yet to be revealed. The Manhunt series has been a highly controversial one especially here in the UK with the latest release Manhunt 2 being temporarily banned following its release however despite the controversy it has proved an extremely popular franchise and a PS3 exclusive even one a timed variety would surely be considered a great success for Sony. It is Important to note that at the time all Manhunt 3 related news is purely rumour however watch gtaIVlife for all the latest....

Source: http://playstationlifestyle.net/2010/03/25/playstation-3-may-exclusively-receive-manhunt-3/