Play RDR at PAX East

For all you fortunate to live on the East Coast and more specifically for those lucky enough to be attending PAX East in Boston this weekend, let me introduce the opportunity which is sure to make many a gamer greener than the incredible Hulk in camo. Rockstar have anounced they will be front and centre at PAX East and will be offering gamers at the show an exclusive chance to experience Red Dead Redemption hands on before it is released in Mid May. You will also have the chance to get your hands on some exclusive limited run promo gear, so if you are if you are heading down this weekend be sure to make a beeline for the Rockstar Stand. I am willing to let R* get away with this great opportunity for East coast cats if they promise an open invitational event at R* north to showcase GTA V.

UPDATE: Kotaku have posted some pictures of R* @ PAX East