Are Rockstar planning to steal the show at E3 with GTA V?

Since the announcement and subsequent release of the debut trailer for GTA V back in November it doesn't seem like a day goes by without more and more rumours being added to the ever growing and increasingly ridiculous list. However one that persists and let's be honest has done long before GTA V was officially announced is Rockstar's presence at E3. Step forward Michael Pachter with another speculative analysis. This time he is speculating that it could be Rockstar's plan to 'steal the show' before E3 has even kicked off. He suggests a well timed announcement from Rockstar regarding Grand Theft Auto V in the days leading up to the Electronic Arts Expo next month could be a very smart move.

Should Rockstar make an appearance at E3 whether it be themselves or through Microsoft or Sony it is of course likely to 'steal the show' given the hype surrounding the game, so an announcement before the event is no more or less likely to whip gamers into a frantic frenzy. For now I think we should all focus our attention on Max Payne 3 which is sure to keep us all busy and entertained and possibly even our eyes of GTA V until we get further information from Rockstar in the 'coming months'