Father Ted Creator Questions Rockstar's Writing

It's been nearly a week since Max Payne 3 hit the shelves so i'm sure you will have experienced most if not all of the ups and downs of Max's story in the latest offering from Rockstar. Comedy writer Graham Linehan (Father Ted, Black Books & The IT Crowd) has been playing and it would appear he's not too impressed.
Linehan took to Twitter to voice his displeasure and certainly didn't mince his words. He tweeted "Rockstar. Can't hire a decent writer, but button A slows things down so you can watch a bullet make mincemeat of an enemy's face. SIGH" before adding "To sum up, Max Payne looks great, plays ok so far, is written by a million monkeys on a three-month deadline."

Strong words right? It's fair to say he was met with more than a few defensive replies however he seems to be sticking to his guns on this one. Personally I'm a huge fan of Graham with Father Ted being one of my favourite shows of all time however on this one i'm going to disagree with him. But whether you share his views or not it's interesting to hear the opinion of a respected writer on a subject which is often overlooked for features such as graphics & gameplay. So what are your opinions? Do you feel writing is an overlooked part of gaming? Graham Linehan shared his opinions on video game writing in general on gaming show Charlie Brooker's Gameswipe and you can see this exert below.