GTA V Preview

We were promised plenty of new GTA V info in November, we're 9 days in and already Rockstar have made good on their promise. Yesterday saw the release of the hotly anticipated Game Informer GTA V preview. With it came plenty of information and a host of new screens. Below is a summary of the info from the preview.

The first piece of big news is that GTA V with have 3 protagonists! each with their own individual attitudes and style. Players will be able to flick between characters instantly with the map zooming in and out to the selected character. When not using the other two characters they continue with their daily lives so you never know exactly what they may be upto when you re-visit. The 3 characters are:

Franklin - The youngest of the three, ambitious street hustler and repo man in his 20's. Selling cars to people who can't afford them.
Trevor - A career criminal, psychopath and frequent drug user in his late 40's and has done many heists with Michael during his time.

Michael -
Michael is a married retired bank robber who lives by his wife, Amanda and his children; Jimmy and Tracy. Michael lives the life of luxury, however he is not contempt.

Los SantosThe map itself in GTA V is said to be larger than that of GTA IV, San Andreas & Red Dead Redemption combined! It features a military base, wine country, fully explorable mount chiliad, wilderness, Salton sea region & an expansive underwater area.

GameplayGameplay is going to be different from what players are used to in GTA IV, driving is said to be more comparable to driving games, vehicles include the largest collection seen in a gta game such as cars, jetskiis, planes, dirt bikes, quad bikes and more. Combat and weapons have also been tweaked considerably. Players are able to 'flip off' pedestrians with each reacting differently depending on which area they are in.

NPC's are also much more refined in GTA V, people such as gardeners can be seen waiting for a bus in the morning then later seen tending to the lawns of the rich.                          
Mini Games return, GTA V will feature a full sized golf course, yoga classes, jet skiing, base jumping and triathlons.

Overall, GTA V is shaping up to be a great game and from this preview it's safe to assume that Rockstar have another hit on their hands. We cannot wait to see what next weeks trailer has in store and what else may be revealed in the coming weeks and months as we build up to release.