GTA V Live Action Trailer (RUMOUR)

We have had a number of email in the past few days regarding some images which has surfaced on a Reddit page, the images seem to show the GTA V logo in the background of a set. The images were taken in Mexico and many have rumoured that they may be the filming of a 'live action' GTA V trailer. Although that definitely is the GTA V logo in the picture it seems hard to believe this would be the case. Others have said it's a commercial for Sony and the PS3, this seems like a much more realistic scenario. The V logo is likely to be merely to build hype for upcoming PS3 titles.

Rockstar are very unlikely to film in Mexico and if they did, not many commercials which are filmed as live action would feature the products Logo in the background. Either way it's a good spot and we look forward to seeing the finished result from Sony.