GTA V Collector's & Special Editions - What You Get

When we heard a few months ago that GTA V would be released with both a collector's and special editions available we were told it would include exclusive online content, Rockstar have now detailed some of the things you will get for your money.

Access to custom options including skins and attachments for .50 caliber pistol & Bullpup shotgun which will both be available from Ammu-Nation for no additional fee. A hammer will also be available to add to your melee weapons. 

Character Customisation
Michael, Franklin & Trevor will each receive a 20% discount in the clothing stores of Los Santos & Blaine County in addition to this they will get access to bonus items from their wardrobes or in store. Each character will also receive a special hair cut, facial hair look and tattoo. 

Looking Sharp, Michael, Franklin & Trevor in custom threads

Custom Characters GTA Online (Collector's Only)
As well as some amazing character options which include attitudes, personalities etc. you will also choose how your character looks based on their genes. Owners of the collector's edition will also have access to classic GTA characters Niko, Claude & Misty which can be used in the parent options.

Improved Abilities
In game the three main characters each have their own set of skills and specialise in different things. Michael, an expert shot, Franklin and his driving skills and Trevor has 'rage' which will cause double damage. If you own either the collector's or special editions these skills will increase 25% faster.

Stunt Plane TrialsFancy taking to the skies? unlock special stunt plane trials which will have you tearing over Los Santos and Blaine County in a serious of trials, times can be compared with friends.

Unique Vehicles and Garage Property
Collector's editions owners will be given an exclusive garage space to store vehicles, this will come stocked with the CarbonRS sports bike as well as the Hotknife - 1930's style hot rod. In GTA Online you will also have access to a high end Khamelion electric car.

CarbonRS SPorts Bike

All sounds pretty impressive right! Don't forget you can pre-order the Collector's or Special editions from Rockstar Warehouse. Whichever edition you go for GTA V will be a great experience but it's always nice to enjoy some bonus content!

Khamelion Electric Car