GTA V Is Here

So, the wait is finally over and by now most of you will be enjoying GTA V in all its glory. Grand Theft Auto V launched last night with long lines at many midnight launches with fans eager to get their hands on the game. We were in Edinburgh, home of GTA for a midnight launch which had a great turnout and was great to share the excitement.

Rockstar have released a couple of apps in the past 24 hours. You may have seen the on screen prompts to download the iFruit companion app. As well as this Rockstar also released the GTA V manual for iOS devices as well. Links for both apps can be found below.

GTA V Manual
GTA V Manual
(PC Desktop Version)

Android versions will be released soon.

We have also had a lot of questions about information that circulated yesterday about installing disks on the XBOX 360 version of the game.

Rockstar have recommended that for optimal performance gamers should only install the mandatory 'install' disk to their device and NOT the second 'play' disk. Although the reason is not 100% clear, it's thought installing both disks can cause unwanted pop up and lag. 

Now stop reading this article and go back to enjoying GTA V!