Our Take On Spoilers & Leaks

I'm sure many of you have heard about the reported leaks and spoilers that are slowly creeping out as the release date gets closer. We felt it was important for us to let you know where we stand. It would be very easy for us to share the leaks and it would no doubt boost traffic etc. But I can assure you all that will NOT be happening.

We have waited years to play and enjoy this game, we've thoroughly enjoyed covering it for you guys and we have no interest in chasing cheap hits. Rockstar have worked tirelessly for many years to produce this game and they did not put that amount of effort in just to have it ruined by some low quality youtube clips. I realise it may be tempting to watch them, but why rob yourself of experiencing it hands on. We're just 4 days from release so we encourage everyone, no matter how tempting, to have just a little more patience and respect and avoid leaks and spoilers.

We can assure you that you can continue enjoy our site and twitter feed over the coming days, safe in the knowledge we will be spoiling nothing for you!