Casinos, Custom Car Wagers more coming to GTA Online?

Leaked audio files from the recent beach bum update have revealed that Casinos, indoor dirt track, new camera functions and spying could all be heading to either GTA V, GTA Online or both. The audio which can be heard below features characters from the single player and online stories discussing the new features. It also mentions races which include your custom car being used as a wager.

None of the above have been confirmed by Rockstar. The new camera features could possibly be an instagram style video feature but again nothing is confirmed. The Casino would be very interesting to see but presumably it would be just in game money used however with the ability to buy in game dollars this could be a sticky issue.

We will have to see what comes of this but it's good to see at least that Rockstar certainly don't seem to be slowing up on Online content to add to the already very enjoyable GTA Online.