Criminal Mind: The Reclusive Genius Behind the Grand Theft Auto Franchise

Playboy have recently run a feature on the mastermind behind Grand Theft Auto and just about everything Rockstar does. Sam Houser is one of the industries most reclusive characters yet by far one of the most successful. What makes him tick? What winds him up? the article is an interesting insight into the world of Rockstar's Rockstar.

"What the fuck am I doing here?" he asked Dan. Take-Two was mainly a group of businessmen and accountants. Its lineup of games, including Star Crusader, was middling at best. Houser, who never felt he fit in with the guys he endured when trying to sell BMG's games unit, was stuck outside even though he was inside. It didn't stop him. By the time his brother joined him in New York, Houser was already building Take-Two's publishing infrastructure and game-development teams." 

Check out the full article from Playboy online HERE.