Lindsay Lohan: "I'm Poppy Mitchel"

Poppy Mitchell isn't a character you'd think anyone would want to compare themselves to, however that's exactly what Lindsay Lohan seems to be doing. Her lawyers are apparently in the process of preparing to sue Rockstar for using 'her' as inspiration for the GTA socialite Poppy. The side mission in GTA that has Franklin snapping pics of Poppy in an uncompromising position takes place at a hotel that mirrors the real life Chateau Marmont which Lohan is a regular at. 

The story on TMZ also comments that she is claiming GTA V's cover girl is her, however as we've been over before it's actually Not Lindsay (or Kate Upton) it's Shelby Welinder. Either way it's a little confusing as to why she'd want to claim to be the inspiration for Poppy but hey, good luck to her! she'll need it.